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Letter Ring


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Letter Ring

Customise your ring with your own initial. A statement piece that is sure to stand out from the crowd. You can choose your ring to be made from Brass, Stainless Steel Old Silver, or Red Polyamide Plastic. Sizes are shown in the table below.

UK Size Approx US Size Approx EU Size 
L651 1/2
M6 1/252 1/2
O7 1/255 1/4
P856 1/4
Q8 1/257 1/2
R8 3/458 1/2
S9 1/260 1/4
T9 3/461 1/2
U10 1/462 1/2
V10 3/463 3/4
W11 1/465 1/4
X11 3/466 1/4
Y12 1/467 1/2
Z12 3/468 3/4

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Pookas image file

Designed by Pookas

You may think the world is a pretty ordinary place, but sometimes, from the corner of your eye, you noticed that it is so much more. Pookas conceives rare and odd pieces of jewelry. It is designed in Germany but available around the world through the magic of 3D printing services! There is a movie from the early 50’s called “Harvey“. James Stewart plays the curious Elwood P. Dowd whose best mate is a mystery “Pooka”, an invisible 6-foot rabbit. Obviously Elwood sees the world with different eyes than most people. He is a very kind person who treats everyone equal and yes, he hangs out with an unseen rabbit all the time. To be open-minded is a good thing and if this means to see things that are hidden to others, so be it. Be nice to the next person you’ll meet, no matter if it is human or an invisible Pooka!



From Titanium to colorful Ceramics, Multicolor, Polyamide, 18K Gold and more, i.materialise has what you’re looking for. With 20 different materials and over 100 possible color and finish combinations, we offer only the highest quality to turn your ideas into 3D printed reality.


Direct Light Projection

Made using a 3D Printing process called DLP (Direct Light Projection), the piece is first printed in wax which is used to create a mold of plaster. The plaster mold is placed in an oven to remove the wax and then used to cast the piece in Brass and plate it with Gold.


Yellow Gold Plated Brass

Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinz. It is used for detailed products such as jewelry, miniatures, sculptures and musical instruments. The brass is plated to have a 18kt gold look and a PU coating to provide extra protection.



Solid Sterling silver, made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. Silver is a standard alloy for jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets or other ornamental pieces. .